Volusia Paralegal Services - Fradulent Review from Ficticious Customer CarmenAlfonso2014

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This is Mari from Volusia Paralegal Services in Daytona Beach. Our office is open five days a week, and is located in a suite in a large professional building. There is no "Closed Sign" at this location and never has been.

I have never had an unhappy customer, much less one that was owed a refund. I have also never had any inquiries by someone named Carmen Alfonso.

This post is nothing more than a rival document preparation company/person trying to harm my reputation as punishment for advertising outside of my local area. The post is totally false.

Volusia Paralegal remains a popular and ethical document preparation service located in the Professional Building at 435 S Ridgewood Ave in Daytona Beach. Our phone number is 386-256-5539.

We are open Monday through Friday. Call anytime (or stop by) to discuss your needs.

Thank you.


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Volusia Paralegal Services - Never Received my Refund

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I never received my refund from Volusia Paralegal Services (volusiaparalegal.com) after she, someone named Mari screwed up my documents, stay away at all costs from this scam paralegal company. I went to the 435 S. Ridgewood Drive Location, only to find a closed sign when I was told to pick up my refund. The documents were not properly formatted and incomplete and unable to file them. I was taken in by a fraudulent Craigs List ad and never got my money back.

This company is not reputable, not a good company and should not be trusted after they have posted numerous ads throughout Florida but are in one location in Daytona on Ridgewood Drive, which address I think is now closed down.

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Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #850466

This is Mari from Volusia Paralegal Services in Daytona Beach.

This review is totally false and has been submitted by a fictitious customer.

We have not owed anyone a refund since we've been in business.

Our office is located in a large professional building and doesn't own a "Closed" sign. We have never had any dealings with anyone named Carmen Alfonso.

I suspect this malicious review is the result of a competitor attempting to harm our reputation online.

Volusia Paralegal is open during business hours Monday through Friday. Walk-ins are welcome.

I can be reached at 386-256-5539.

Thank you. Marilsa Medina Owner

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